Owner’s and the Team

Foster cares Ltd is an independent fostering provider owned by Dave and Lil Cassie who have children of their own. Dave has been in social work since 1969 working in Local Authorities for 22 years in child care. As well as child care, he’s also worked in mental health and with the elderly. Lil was a teacher who went on to Youth, Community and neighbourhood work. So both have expertise in this area.

Together since 1991, they have built the Cares group of Social Work Companies. In recent years, a decision was taken to focus on the development of Foster Cares Ltd as an Independent provider and seek to develop quality placements for young people .

The agency also benefits from an established and settled social work team. All of which had with significant experience of working within the fostering service sector. All workers have protected workloads which allows for a more attentive and effective service for both children and foster carers.