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We are an independent fostering agency operating across the North East and North West. We receive referrals from local authorities throughout the North East and North West to provide fostering placements for children of various ages, backgrounds and needs as well as support a range of foster carers.

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Foster Cares OFSTED Report 2017

Some key highlights from our most recent report into the support we provide children and foster carers includes:

  • The children achieve exceptionally good outcomes while living with their foster They receive very high-quality, nurturing care.
  • Children enjoy living with their fostering families and, in the overwhelming majority of cases, are extremely There are very few unplanned endings to placements.
  • Children of school age are all in full-time education. The agency prioritises good educational outcomes and understands that these are important indicators of the children’s future life chances.

One child commented, “I have found my time with [my foster carers] amazing. I couldn’t have had better people to live with for eight years. They have given me everything I need, and more. They have not just been my carers. They have been true inspirations and role models and I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been where I am today, if it wasn’t for them.”

  • Foster carers are closely involved in these decisions. They commented that they feel ‘part of the professional team’. As a result, there is a very low level of placement disruption.
  • Foster carers, staff and managers have a very good understanding of children’s rights. Foster carers and staff advocate strongly for children and make sure that they receive the services that they need.
  • Foster carers receive exceptionally high-quality support from their supervising social workers. One foster carer said that their supervising social worker is ‘always there, always caring, always chasing things up…our social worker goes above and beyond’
  • The agency respects and values foster carers as professionals. They are always consulted about any significant changes to their child’s plans

Download the full Ofsted 2017 report. To find out more about Ofsted’s role in Foster Caring please visit their site.

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