What we’ve been up to

February & March 2021 – Virtual Bake Off

We have had a Virtual Bake off.  This idea came from a group of children and young people in October 2020.  Our competition was open to all staff, foster carers and children and young people.

Am sure you will agree the effort in designing, shopping for ingredients and then making the cakes was fantastic!!  We only wished we could have tasted the cakes😀🧁

Our three finalists did absolutely great. Thanks so much to everyone involved, we have all enjoyed seeing the cakes that have been created.

Here is a little video of our Grand Final and of course shows the one chosen as ‘Star baker’.


January 2021 – Children & young people’s experiences of Foster placements

During some consultation with children and young people in October 2020 one of the issues that was raised by children was their desire to support others moving in to foster placements. The children expressed that moving to a foster placement can result in lots of different emotions and can be a scary time. They suggested that sharing their own experiences may help other children settle and adjust to fostering.

Children and young people shared their stories in writing and recorded voice clips of their experiences. We are currently busy adding these to the agency handbooks so that all children placed at the agency can hear or read their experiences. We are also using them with recruitment to help people wanting to become foster carers understand how children can feel being separated from their families and moving to foster carers.

Sharing these personal experiences will be helpful to other children and will no doubt support new foster carers in understanding what’s important to children and young people.

December 2020 – Christmas Card and 2021 Calendar Competition

Our annual competition took place again. This year we had an Animal and wildlife theme to our 2021 Calendar. Th theme idea was taken from a group of children and young people we spoke to in October 2020. We had prizes for the design idea for the chosen Christmas card image and those that provided the pictures that got choses for the calendar also got prizes.

Am sure you will agree the 2021 Calendar and 2020 Christmas Card turned out fantastic!

Thanks again to all the children and young people that took part.

May 2020 – Creative Challenge

During the Coronavirus pandemic we set children and young people placed at the agency a Creative Challenge.

We had three separate competitions where children and young people drew a Picture, wrote a Poem or a Short story.

Children and young people were asked to get creative about their thoughts and feelings on being at home during the pandemic.

There were prizes for the top three in each category.

The entries were fantastic, thoughtful and showcased our children and young people’s creativity.

The views and opinions were included in a piece of research Foster Cares Ltd completed in July 2020. This research was shared with The Department for Education as part of larger research study on the impact of coronavirus on looked after children and young people.