Stop Bullying

Turn that frown upside down

Stand up for what you believe

There are 2 types of bulling. Cyber bullying is a form of bullying which is carried out online. Both cyber bulling and the standard form of bullying are incredibly damaging and can affect someone for the rest of their lives.

If you spot a form of bullying, contact an adult.

If you don’t feel safe talking to anyone about it, there are a number of people who can help like childline.

How to stay safe!

(online) and in general

Don’t give personal details away

Social media sites can be dangerous

An adult should be told if a problem occurs

Forever pictures and posters will stay there

Everyone can see what you post on there

Bullying is wrong

The most important thing, if you or someone else is begin bullied is to do something.

Talk to your carer, social worker, teacher or an adult you trust.

Ask your school about joining or setting up a buddy or peer support scheme.

Be a buddy, not a bully

Who to go to

  • Your foster carer
  • Social worker
  • Parent or family member
  • A teacher
  • Other adult you trust
  • Chidline 0800 1111 (24 hours)
  • Anti-bullying Network 0131 651 6100
  • Police 101 (non-emergency)
  • Police Emergency 999