How to Make Britain Great – By Evan – A Student Voice

How to make a Great Britain by Evan

Start by chopping up some kings and queens and add a parliament.

When you have done this, melt in some Europeans and Asians and pour the mixture into a bowl.

Add a few Australians and Americans then allow them to mix for a thousand years .

Let the Romans conquer the land and leave the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons to do their thing (do not interfere with these strong ingredients or it might curdle the mix) .

Allow the cultures to blend: The foods, the beautiful countryside and beaches, the urban and the rural.

Add this blend to the communities with kindness and friendly greetings : aloha, bonjour, hello and hallo.

Leave to develop.
Add a sprinkle of love.
Warning : Removing any ingredients will ruin your Great Britain and turn the love and hope into inequality, pain and despair .