Process of Assessment

Having made your initial contact with the Agency either by website or telephone a Social Worker will contact you.

The Social Worker will discuss fostering with you explain what it entails. This includes your expectations ,challenges and impact upon your family and take some details from you. They will then make an appointment, which is convenient to you, to visit your home.

The Social Worker will undertake an initial visit to you and your home. Thus allowing for further discussions, shared information and further information to be gathered. Then, a decision will be made whether or not to proceed based on this visit.

If you choose to proceed, you will be invited to attend preparation to foster training. This will take place over 3 days. If the Agency and you decide to progress after the training, you will be asked to complete an application form. You will then be allocated an assessing social worker, who will undertake an assessment of you and your family. This is to determine whether you are a suitable carer.

This will involve several visits to your home and some work that you will be asked to complete.
At the end of the assessment, you and the social worker will have agreed what is best for your family approval to foster. For example, the child’s gender, age or even the number of children you foster.

The assessment and recommendation will then be submitted to the Agency fostering panel for consideration. You will be invited to attend the panel.

If panel recommends your approval, it will then go to the Agency decision maker for ratification.

You will then be informed (in writing) of your approval as foster carers.