Transferring to Foster Carers Ltd

Do you know that YOU can choose which Agency you foster for?

Perhaps you are unhappy with your current fostering provider, or don’t feel adequately supported. It might be time for a change.

Here at Foster Cares Ltd, we believe that carers do the most difficult job there is. We believe that in order for you to support looked after children fully. Our team will provide you with regular, accessible, reliable, high quality, experienced and knowledgeable support and supervision.

We know moving agency’s is a big decision for you, important decisions always are. We promise to make the change as painless, straightforward and as quickly we can. You aren’t the first carer to take this step. We have experience of working within the acknowledged procedures and protocols which all Agencies and Local Authorities work too, in order to make your transition go as smoothly and as simple as possible.

At Foster Cares Ltd you will receive up to the minute training whether it be face to face, on line or one to one via your Supervising Social Worker. We have partner agencies who will support you through formal qualifications if you wish.

You will have your own Supervising Social Worker and on those rare occasions when they’re unavailable, there is a duty officer who you will know due to our close, family feel. We appreciate that children don’t live nine to five lives and we provide an Out of Hours Service so even when offices are closed. You are just a phone call away from support.

How do I Transfer

Contact us by phone, email or via the link on our website and we will make an appointment to come and see you.

If you have a child placed with you, you will need to give written notice to your existing provider and the local authority of the child placed. The local authority will then arrange a meeting so we can discuss and agree what is best for the child and timescales for your transfer to our Agency. If the plan for the child is to remain in your care then this will continue when you transfer to Foster Cares Ltd.

We will undertake an Assessment in the same way your original provider did, however because you are already a foster carer, the process and timescales are generally much quicker and easier. Once our Fostering Panel makes its recommendation to approve you, we will ask you to submit your resignation to your current provider. After the mandatory 28 days’ notice period you will become a carer for Foster Cares Ltd.

If you don’t have a child placed with you, you will still need to give written notice to your current provider but there will be no need for a protocol meeting and the Assessment process will proceed as above and you will be informed when to give notice.

If you transfer from another Fostering Agency, you will benefit from our very competitive support, fees and allowances which we pay all of our foster carers.